The Band

– About Transistordale –

Transistordale is Texas “Roots Rock” Country. The name comes from the area in the Texas Hill Country where you get away from the larger Cities of San Antonio and Austin and can pick up smaller independent Texas radio stations. We also share an affinity for exotic radio towers. The Band tries to present Texas Country in a primal manner; eliciting a rhythmic/sexual response from our listeners. To achieve this goal, we use low powerful vocals combined with a rock-solid bottom and beats that resonate your dance bone. Throw in a sense of humor, some harmonies, and you’re there….Transistordale!

– Bios –

Smiles – lead vocal and guitar

Hi, I’m Greg “Smiles” Layne, lead vocal and guitar for Transistordale. My Mom taught me to harmonize as a small child by sticking my fingers in my ears, and when my uncle would babysit, he would let me play his guitar, so he could “play” with his younger girlfriend. Now I enjoy playing anything from Alternative to Zydeco ( get it! A to Z) and can harmonize to a cat dying in the street (not easy).

Country and Blues were the music of my youth, but over time, I’ve played everything from Hawaiian Jazz (Tropical Heat) to Spanish Reggae ( Majestics Internationale) to Funk (Dog Men Poets – where I met our current Drummer BJ). Transistordale is about 80% Country Blues and 20% regional influences.

With Transistordale, we’re trying to play a more-primal Texas Country that gets listeners bouncing in their seats and crowding the dance floor….enjoy….Smiles!

Maestro – bass, guitar and vocals

Labeled as “The New York Kid”, I’m Michael “Maestro” Aurora, prodigy of famous jazz-great Johnny D of the Skylighters, who performed with the likes of Louis Prima, Gene Krupa, and Dizzy Gillespie. I played music throughout my Air Force career, and, to date, am the only American to tour with the Tokyo Jazz Circuit. Mastery of guitar (beginning at age 12), bass, keyboard and drums (the four major rock instruments) has given me great insight into instrument integration within a group. As a founding member of the San Antonio/Austin band Skunkweed (30 K CDs sold throughout Central Texas)and member of the popular South Carolina band Rampage, I was greatly influenced by Classic Rock, R&B, and especially Funk. Hendrix and Prince are still my favorite artists; other skills include Studio Musician with credit on 63 CDs, Music Teacher, Ordained Minister, and Private Eye.

I’ve been extremely happy with the level of musicianship within Transistordale. There is nothing we cannot try and/or do. Smiles called me two years ago and really wanted to start this Texas “Roots Rock” Country project, but I was in the midst of acquiring an Audio Engineering Degree. I’m really glad we had a second chance to collaborate.

BJ – drums and vocals

My “drumming habit” developed as soon as I realized I had hands. I can’t remember ever not being “on the one”. My parents ( also my heroes and inspiration) took notice that I absorbed the sonic and tonal value of everything in the house. My folks understood they’d have to get me a real drum set,” like the guy from Led Zeppelin” as I put it. So, when I was nine, they did.

After three years of playing to records, I joined my first band. We were terrible, but, over time we improved as players. For the next several years I played and traveled with many influential bands in and around Texas, which shaped my style and allowed me to grow as a diverse musician.

As a working (and still learning) drummer, I realize it can be difficult finding other musicians you can click with both on and off the stage. I was fortunate to find these guys. This monster just keeps growing. Every lick I ever played growing up has all led up to this.