Transistordale in Nashville 2012 – 5/1/2012

Playing Nashville was a pure joy, but it started badly. We blew the transmission out of our extended van and trailer the morning of our 3/19 gig at National Underground Nashville. Nashville locals quickly came to our rescue and repairs were underway immediately. An area native gave us his personal truck so we could make our show with the trailer (Thanks Buddy, Gary and the guys at the shop).

National Underground Nashville is a great spot. Its across the street from the Hard Rock on Broadway, down by the river, where all the action is! We had a great show, sold a bunch of CDs and t-shirts. We made new fans from all over the world. Note: the musicians on Broadway were phenomenal.

As a result of the new friends we made, Transistordale landed 2 additional shows at The End Zone in West Nashville (coming and going from NYC) on 3/20 and 3/31. Both shows were big fun. The End Zone has cute waitresses, reasonable prices, and a rowdy crowd; just like we like. Note: we got to park our truck and trailer at Paul Whirly’s studio. Wow! There are so many Grammys and AMA Awards in the place, that they keep the ASCAP Awards in the bathroom. Tristan the Engineer played us some unfinished and unreleased Justin Townes Earl and Jaime Lynn Spears. We really liked the Justin Townes Earl; tribal drums – hot.