Transistordale in New York City 2012 – 5/1/2012

New York City was magic. It’s a pretty crowded place for Texas boys, but after our initial shock, we fit right in. Our first gig was Brooklyn City Limits at the Jalopy Theater in the Red Hook District on 3/24. The area is revitalized with wealthy, happy hippies. Everyone was carrying a guitar or some form of creative instrument. The Jalopy Theater was a perfectly-restored old theater with 50 or so string instruments, ranging from guitars to baroque to Celtic. The crowd was beautiful and appreciative. Everyone treated us like family and was in awe of our uniqueness.

On 3/25, Transistordale landed a show at Branded in Brooklyn. The food was fantastic, and we had to hide from all the free shots (ok, we didn’t actually hide).

The legendary Rodeo Bar in Manhattan was our next show on 3/26. Every musician I love has played there. It was quite an honor. The place is just a few blocks from the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, a block off Madison Avenue. The crowd and the staff loved us, and we loved them. I really felt at home there; until I’d look out the window!

We didn’t know much about the 11th Street Bar except that Spence’s friend Greg’s friend owned the place. The 11th Street Bar show on 3/28 was the highlight of a great tour. The place is located in the East Village next to NYU, and it was packed shoulder to shoulder. What made the bar so fun was the great response we received and the content of the audience. I first noticed a man I’d seen die in a horror movie a week before we left dancing on my right. I also noticed a famous MTV “Grunge Show” VJ in the crowd. After we were finished with our show, we received props from a writer of the Rolling Stone, several Chase Manhattan VPs and according to the bartender, Mike, the poet laurite of NYU (who wrote with Bob Dylan and hangs out with Lou Reed). Wow! What a night!!

Note: After meeting us on 3/24 at Brooklyn City Limits, a (maybe the) Fashion Editor for Vogue and her surgeon husband gave us their brand new brownstone home in Brooklyn for 3 days, and we could have stayed longer. They were hose-sitting in Manhattan for a couple who left their Chef home to feed their dog (you can’t make this stuff up). They definitely showed us some New York hospitality (Thanks JD and thanks Kat).

Note: We drove a giant conversion van and trailer around Manhattan, the East Village and Brooklyn for a week and a half without any problems and we paid for parking only once in Manhattan for 2 hours. A local told us we had a parking angel, but actually we had a tour angel (thanks Scot). Also thanks to Rae Drady for being our Tour Manager. Couldn’t have done it without you…for real!

Note: If you ever go from Texas to New York, bring your cowboy hat. I made eye contact with everyone I passed and people would come up and treat you extra friendly (thanks Rocky).